Information on accessing your Normandale email

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Pinned Article How do I log into my student email?

You can get to the email login page by going to

Can I change my student email address?

There are two ways you can change your email address: 1) change your primary email address or 2) change your email address if you have had a legal or preferred name change.

Forward your student email

Forward your email from your Normandale email to your personal email

How do I look up my student email address?

To find out what your Office 365 email address is, please log in to your email. Then click on your picture in the top right corner and click on profile. Your primary email address will be listed on your profile page.

How long is my Normandale student email active?

Your Normandale email will remain active until 2 years after your date of last attendance.

Set up your student email on your Mobile Device

Add Your Student Email Account to your Smartphone

When will I get a student email account?

Students must be accepted to Normandale or must register for classes, before they get an email account.