Employee Phone and Email Migration

Normandale employees' phones and emails will be migrated to Office 365 in June 2020. Find out more!

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Pinned Article Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

Let's get started with Microsoft Teams

Pinned Article Overview: Moving Employee Phones and Email to Office 365

In June, we will be moving our phones to Office 365. This will also allow us to move faculty and staff email messages off local servers and on to the Minnstate Office 365 cloud. How we use phones and access email will remain largely unchanged but after the move we will have additional, new ways of accessing both.

Introducing Microsoft Teams for Phone Calls

We know how much you rely on technology to get your job done and we are continually exploring ways to simplify the way you work, while ensuring you have the right tools available at your fingertips. We are excited to announce that Microsoft Teams will become even better with phone calls.

The first 10 things to do in Teams

Are you new to Teams? Get organized with these basic tips.

Teams FAQ

Have questions? We have answers!