Student email addresses in Office 365

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If a student uses an email address from a domain listed below, it should be considered equivalent to a email. Those addresses ending with non-Minnesota State domains such as,,, or
other school addresses, should not be used.

List of valid Minnesota State email address domains:

On February 25, 2018 all Normandale student email accounts were moved to Minnesota State’s Office 365 system, and as of January 2020 all Minnesota State students are on the same Office 365 system.

This new system allows students to choose any school they are enrolled in to be the school that their emails will appear to originate from. What this means in practice, is that any valid Minnesota State school email address is safe
to use when communicating private information to students.

Please direct any questions regarding communication with students via email to our Registrar, Tonya Hanson or to the technology service desk (via AskUS.)

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