Email Files or Documents Securely; Transferring Files With MOVEit DMZ

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MOVEit DMZ is a software application available to all MinnState employees.  It is the preferred way to move files securely between organizations.  It replaces the old FTP process which was unsecure. 

The link to access MOVEit DMZ is

For help, there are links to a Tech Support page and an Online Manual at the bottom of the Sign On page 

For MOVEit DMZ access and support issues, please submit your question here:  MOVEit User's Guide (select category MOVEit DMZ > expand to select subcategory). 

The MOVEit DMZ secure file transfer solution now has two often-requested features: 

  • 1. Automatic permanent account creation: When sending files, MOVEit DMZ now creates permanent accounts for Minnesota State (MinnState) employees whenever one doesn't already exist. (Previously temporary accounts were created, requiring manual communication of passwords.) 


  • 2. If you enter the e-mail address of a MinnState employee who doesn't yet have an account on MOVEit DMZ, the system will automatically create a permanent account (as long as the entered address matches the user's primary StarID e-mail address). E-mail addresses are treated as case-insensitive, so you don't need to worry about capitalization. 


        * You can check to see if a permanent account will be created (or already exists) before sending by using the "Check Names" button on the New Package screen; if an e-mail address matches an employee's StarID account, the address will change to the person's name. No more need to "call ahead" (or communicate temporary account passwords) when sending files to other system employees! 


 Full Internet Explorer 9 support: MOVEit DMZ now fully supports IE 9, so compatibility mode is no longer required for correct operation. 

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MOVEit DMZ User Guide 


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