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Microsoft Teams Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I log in using my email address?

Microsoft Teams is part of the Office 365 Unified Tenant. This means that all Minnesota State institutions share the same tenant. However, you can only have one login. All Faculty and Staff log in using regardless of which institution they belong to.

Will Teams automatically log me in if I've never logged in before?

No, you will need to log in with your There are two ways to use Teams: use the web version or use the desktop application. The desktop application is being pushed to all computers, but if you don't get it, you can also install it yourself.

How do I connect my desk phone to my computer?

Please use these instructions to connect your desk phone to Teams.

Are we supposed to install Microsoft Teams onto our home computers? Or is this only for work computers?

If you need or want to make/take phone calls using your Normandale phone number, you should install Teams on your personal computer or mobile device. Here are the instructions for installing Teams from the Web or installing Teams for your Mobile Device: How to install Teams

Usually, while out of campus, I check my emails from to Faculty/Staff to Access Employee Email. Will there be any change to that come Monday June 22?

You will continue to be able to use Faculty/Staff > Access Employee Email. You can also use the email link on the top of the Normandale home page. You will need to log in using

Is there additional prep that we need to do for office email accounts that are “tied” to our personal accounts? For example, several of us can see the in our inbox. Will we need to do something special for that, or will it just transfer over?

All shared mailboxes will be migrated. You will continue to see them below your mailbox in Outlook. There is nothing you need to do.4

How do I update my Title or Office Number in Teams?

Employee Titles and Offices need to be updated by their supervisor in Employee Home > Supervisor View.

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