How to Set up Outlook Post-Migration or Fix Temporary Mailbox message (Windows)

This information is regarding setting up Outlook to access your email. You can also access your email by going to

If you are prompted to log into a temporary Outlook profile, please follow step #2 below or step #3. A temporary profile has the potential for issues and you want to set up your permanent profile rather than continuing with your temporary profile. 

As part of the migration, you will need to set up a new Outlook profile on your computer. There are a few ways you can do this. Please note that #1 & #2 only work on Normandale Windows computers. Once the step below has completed, Outlook will open and begin downloading your mail and folders. This process can take a long time if you have a significant amount of mail. We suggest letting Outlook finish its initial download of mail before exiting. You can minimize the window.

  1. Automatically Create a New Outlook Profile: On June 22, Outlook should automatically present you with the window below in order to set up a new Outlook profile.​​​ Your must change the email address to
  2. Run the Outlook Migration Script from Software Center
    1. Click Start and type Software Center
    2. Click on the Software Center icon to open up the app.
    3. Under applications, click on the Outlook Profile Migration Script
    4. Click Install or Reinstall
    5. A window will appear asking you for your email address. Please enter your
  3. Manually set up a new Outlook Profile
    1. Click on Start and type Control Panel
    2. Click on User Accounts > Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2016)
    3. Click Show Profiles
    4. Click Add and enter in a Profile Name
    5. Change the Email Address to and enter your StarID password twice
    6. Click Next and Finish
    7. Change Always use this profile to the profile you just created.
    8. Click OK


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