Filter Email from Multiple Campuses in Outlook

Normandale joined the Office 365 Unified Tenant in June 2020. At this point, all Minnesota State institutions are in the same Office 365 Unified tenant. This project has been completed after several years of setting up and migrating Minnesota State institutions to the Unified Tenant. This means that all employees and all students have a single mailbox for their email and Office 365 access, regardless of which institutions they go to. When they transfer to a different institution, they take their email, files, and Office 365 with them. A single person can have two accounts: one if they are a student and a second one if they are an employee.

Your email address is (students) or (faculty/staff). If you currently or previously worked at or attended another institution, you will also have another email address for that institution, such as Emails to both addresses go to the same mailbox. Only one of those email addresses can be the primary (FROM:) email address. You can log into the StarID site to choose which one is the primary (FROM:) email address.

If you are currently an instructor at multiple institutions and you need to keep students separate, you can set up Outlook rules to automatically send emails from different institutions to different folders. You will need to ask your students to put something consistent in the subject line, such as the institution name (Normandale) or prefix the emails with a class code (example ICS-255 Question regarding HW).

You can set up rules by following these directions: Manage email messages by using rules 

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