Getting Started with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-Factor Authentication

It's easy - just sign in, verify, and get access!

You have the ability to enable multi-factor authentication on your Microsoft Office 365 account for extra security to help protect your information and keep the College safe.

Automatic Enrollment Dates

Normandale students, faculty, and staff will be automatically enrolled on the dates below. You can self-enroll prior to those dates. Once you're automatically enrolled, you're required to set up MFA. If you do not, you will not be able to access Office 365, email, phone, and other resources.

  • Everyone can self-enroll now.
  • February 2021: All IT staff and IT student workers
  • April 2, 2021: All new incoming students and newly hired faculty and staff
  • June 30, 2021: all currently employed staff and student workers
  • October 31, 2021: all remaining faculty
  • January 4, 2021: all remaining students
  • March 2022: complete across the MinnState System

Get Started

  • Step 1: Enroll in MFA 
    You can skip this step if you were automatically enrolled or get the message "More information required" when you try to log into Office 365 / email.
  • Step 2: Configure MFA 
    Everyone must configure MFA, whether they self-enabled or were automatically enabled.
  • Change Your Settings
  • Have Questions?

Step 1: Enroll

It is highly recommended to self-enroll in multi-factor authentication for your security. It only takes a moment. All Minnesota State schools including Normandale have begun implementing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for accessing Office 365 services. Over the next few months, groups will become automatically enrolled until everyone has MFA.

If you have been automatically enrolled, you can skip Step 1: Enroll

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication

  1. To get MFA started, open a web browser and connect to:
  2. If you are not already logged in, the page will prompt you to log in.
    1. If you are a student, use 
    2. Faculty and staff, use 
  3. Once the MFA Enable page is displayed, you can start MFA by clicking on the Enable button.
    Note: do not click enable until you are ready to follow Step 2: Configure MFA
  4. The Success! page will be displayed.
    Note: You need to go to Step 2: Configure MFA before you can access your emails and other information in Office 365.  If you do not finish Step 2: Configure completely, you will not be able to access your emails, files, or applications in Office 365 until MFA is successfully configured and verified. 

Step 2: Configure MFA

If you self-enrolled or were automatically enrolled in MFA, you will need to complete the MFA First-Time Setup Wizard to finish setup and access Office 365 and email. If you think you've been automatically enrolled, you will see the message "More information required" when you try to log into Office 365 / email.

Please finish the MFA setup process by using one of the methods below.

  1. Enroll using a mobile device and the Microsoft Authenticator app (recommended)
    Note: you can also use alternate authentication apps, such as Google or Lastpass
  2. Use a cell phone to receive a text message
  3. Use a phone to receive a phone call
    Note: Employees should not use their office phone.
  4. If none of these options work for you, please contact the ITS Help Desk.

Please make sure you configure a backup method for authentication as well. If you lose your mobile device or change mobile devices, please contact the ITS Help Desk at (952) 358-8181 for instructions on how to regain access to your Office 365 account.

Change Your Settings

Already enrolled in multi-factor authentication but want to change your settings?  You can change how you receive verifications, such as adding a new phone number. You can also add a backup method.

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