Sign in to Office 365 Widget and access your OneDrive

The Office 365 widget allows you to log into your Office 365 account by entering your email credentials. When you log in, the widget displays a list of your emails, calendar events, and OneDrive documents you have saved. Clicking on an item in the widget takes you directly to your email, calendar, or OneDrive, depending on which tab you’re on. Navigating to an individual email, calendar event, or OneDrive document within the widget is currently not supported.

There will be an additional sign on authentication required in D2L Brightspace to get to Office365. The authenticated sign on will last for up to 30 days due to security requirements. After the 30 days, you will need to re-authenticate to Office365.

How to Sign in to the Office 365 Widget:

  1. From D2L, find the Office 365 widget, and click the Sign in to your Office365 account

  2. Type your login address, then click Next.
    NOTE: Your login is [Your StarID]

    Note: If you are prompted again to Sign in, use the SAME login as above.
  3. Type in your StarID password, then click Sign in.

  4. Upon returning to your course D2L homepage, (for example, by navigating back to your browser tab for D2L), you can now view your account in the Office 365 widget.

  5. You will see icons for your email, your calendar, and OneDrive. Click on the OneDrive icon, which is the third icon that looks kind of like a cloud.

  6. From the left-hand side of the page, click the “New” menu to create new content.

  7. Title the Folder with the name of your class

  8. Click the “New” menu to create new content

  9. Click in the center of the top bar of the Word document page to create a title for your document.

  10. Click on the blank document and begin typing. Start with a heading, according to the instructions given by your instructor.

  11. The document will be automatically saved into your OneDrive folder.
    Hint: Look for the “Saved” label next to the name of your document before closing.

Printing your document

  1. To print your finished document, go to the “File” menu in the upper left-hand side of the document.

  2. From the File menu, select “Print

  3. Verify that the Printer selected is correct for where you want to collect your document.

    OPTION 1:

    OPTION 2:

    The first time you log in to a SecurePrint printer, use your Star ID & password. Thereafter, you may simply scan your student ID badge.
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