Using Honorlock

Honorlock Reminders:

  • Honorlock is a Chrome extension for use with Chrome or other browsers as allowed, with the exception of Safari.
  • Honorlock cannot be used on ipads.
  • Refer to the Honorlock Student Guide for more info.

Honorlock privacy:

  • Honorlock is highly protective of you and your data, and has passed all strict privacy requirements of both Minnesota State and Normandale. 
  • Click here for more info on Honorlock's privacy policies.


Some more prevalent questions regarding using Honorlock:

1) How do I install Honorlock?

Access your Quiz according to your Instructor's directions.

If you don't already have the Honorlock extension in your Chrome browser, you will be prompted to install it. Click the "I agree" box and "Get Started".

honorlock chrome extension I agree and Get Started button


  • Before installing, you may scroll down to see any additional instructions
  • Ignore the "Quiz Password" field. 

2) Why is it prompting me for a password?

 Answer #1 - for 3rd party software:

 If your test is taken through a 3rd party site (such as MindTap, MyEconLab, etc) then the password will be automatically inserted when you click the "Insert Password" button provided. You do not need to know what the password is. For more info, and a short tutorial video click on this link:

  • Note: After watching the video above, if you still have problems with the password, use the “Livechat” feature to reach Honorlock tech support.

Answer #2 - for D2L quizzes: If your test is taken strictly through your course's D2L page, then you do not need to know what the password is. Click the "Launch Proctoring" button directly to go to the quiz -  do not try to start the quiz through the "Show Quiz Details" button. (You  may need to scroll down in order to see the “Launch Proctoring” button.)

 See screenshots below:

click Show Details to see more details about your quiz

Note: Ignore the "Quiz Password" field.

click Hide Details to return to the launch proctoring page

click the authorize and agree messages and then Exam Guidelines

click the Launch Proctoring button



3) Can I take the test on campus instead of using my own computer?

Answer: If you follow the Covid-19 protocols on the Normandale homepage,  then yes you may come to campus during regular hours.

Option 1: Computer Center

You may use the computers in the Computer Center on the 2nd floor, C2190.

Option 2: Private computer room

Additional locations have been designated that will offer a more private space.

See the "On-Campus Spaces for Remote Test Proctoring" article for more information as well as a link to reserve a test proctoring space.

4) What do I do if I have problems with Honorlock?

Honorlock provides live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which you can access directly from D2L. Look for the “Livechat” link:

Honorlock Proctoring Support icon menu choosing livechat

Or, look for the chat icon:

pic of chat icon

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