Mobile Printing

Students, faculty, and staff can print from their personal or mobile devices using Mobile Printing. 

When you print from your laptop or any mobile device, you must send your documents from your Normandale Email Account

  1. Log in to your email
    • Student Email Login:
    • If you are Metro State University student or Mankato State University student, you must send your document from your Home institution Email Account, Mankato or Metro State.
  2. Create a new email message
  3. Attach the document you want to print to the email
  4. Send the email to
  5. It will create print jobs for each attachment and the email itself. You can then select these document at the printer where you want to print.


  • Your email has a 25Mb limit.
  • Your print jobs will not be sent if your email exceeds 25mb.
  • The larger the file the longer it takes to show up in your queue.
  • Your printing account balance must have enough funds available to print the entire document you have selected.
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