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Have a question about technology on campus? This is a good place to start.

Software installation and data support for Admit Gold, Mastermine, and Goldmine.

To access Adobe software, you will need an Adobe ID.

Normandale Community College is now offering Apporto, a virtual desktop service with the ability to run specialized instructional/classroom software within an Internet browser.

As requested, departments can set up a main line and set different options in a menu.

Provide technology support for events such as conferences, forums, and workshops including audio-visual, sound amplification, computer and video projection, video or audio recording, telephone conferencing, and videoconferencing.

Campus Track is used for student check-in, inventory, and tracking.

Devices available to borrow as Equipment Checkout.

Report issues with classroom and conference room technology to ITS for troubleshooting, repair, and resolution including the instructor station, projector, and audio-visual equipment.

Before faculty leave for the summer, please take a moment to make sure that the software you need is installed on the appropriate classroom, lab computers, and/or remotely accessible. We will be doing a refresh of our software this summer, as we do every year.

Moving offices? Let us know.

Normandale provides WiFi access to all guests.

WiFi access to the internet is provided to the personal devices of all students, faculty, and staff.

Request a new intranet site for your department, project, or workgroup.