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Normandale students, faculty, and staff can send faxes (for a fee) from the Kopp Student Information Desk. Please visit the Kopp Student Information Desk for more information.

Normandale faculty and staff can also send and receive faxes in the following ways:

  • Cloud Faxing
  • Traditional fax line

Cloud Faxing

Cloud Faxing allows you to send and receive faxes with only a few clicks. You can manage faxes through email, which results in reduced paper waste, increased security (sensitive documents will not be left in common areas) and better tracking (did we really receive that application).

Receiving Faxes: Incoming faxes will be delivered as a PDF attachment to an email to shared email mailbox. 

Sending Faxes: Sending faxes is as easy as sending email. Simply open a new email message in Outlook, type the fax number in the "TO:" field and append "@fax.flydoc.com" (e.g. 9523581234@fax.flydoc.com). A cover page will be generated automatically based on your account information. The document that you wish to send can be attached to the email and sent. Any information in the body of the email will be sent as an additional page.

Traditional Fax Line

Traditional fax lines allow users to send and receive faxes without needing to login to an account. ITS provides fax machines and phone lines for fax machines on an as needed basis. Staff and faculty are strongly encouraged to use Cloud Faxing.

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