Classroom Software Request

Service Description

The end of the spring semester is approaching. Before you leave for the summer, please take a moment to make sure that the software you need is installed on the appropriate classroom and lab computers. We will be doing a refresh of our software this summer, as we do every year.

Standard Features

Please go to Classroom Software by Location to take  a look at what is currently the standard for classroom software. Please note that this will open in Excel.

Classroom Software by Location


Roles and Responsibilities

User Responsibilities:

  • User is responsible for providing details related to the request including their contact information, classroom(s), labs and the software title and version.

ITS Responsibilities:

  • ITS will communicate the status of the request to the user as needed.
  • ITS will install updated software in the requested classrooms by Fall 2019, as long as it is requested by July 1.
  • ITS will make a best effort to purchase and install NEW software by Fall 2019, once funding is obtained.

How to Request

Please review the software currently installed in the classroom and click on Classroom Software Request before May 17th.

Classroom Software Request