Combined Course & Early Access request

Service Description

Do you need your D2L Brightspace courses combined? Would you like early access to your courses to begin developing materials?

Standard Features

Question: Why would I want and what is needed to request Combined and/or Early Access to D2L Brightspace Courses?

1) If you have a cross-listed course that is listed in multiple departments (i.e. ANTH/SOC/WMST), you should consider a combined course in D2L Brightspace.

2) If you will be teaching three sections of PSYC 1000 (i.e. 10, 11, & 21) and would be using the same materials for all three sections, a combined course would manage content for all three courses in a single course shell. This would save you time.

**FYI: Combined requests include an early access load so you do not need to submit separate requests for combined or early access. You can include ALL course requests within one ticket. Additionally, you can include multiple course grouping requests in a single ticket. Be sure to clearly identify which courses should be combined in each grouping and they will be created to your specifications.

NOTE: If you do not request early access to your courses, your courses will be loaded into Brightspace three weeks prior to the first day of class. Non-requested courses will be loaded prior to the first day of class.   

How to Request

Click the Request D2L Combined Courses / Early Access button and complete the request form. Please include:

A) Department Code(s) (e.g. MATH, ENGC, ENGL, etc.) :
B) Course Number(s) (e.g. 1200) :
C) Section Number(s) (e.g. 10, 20, 90, etc.) :