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Admit Gold, Mastermine, Goldmine

Software installation and data support for Admit Gold, Mastermine, and Goldmine.

Adobe Software

To access Adobe software, you will need an Adobe ID.

Apporto Virtual Computer Lab

Normandale Community College is now offering Apporto, a virtual desktop service with the ability to run specialized instructional/classroom software within an Internet browser.

Attendant Menus and Call Routing

As requested, departments can set up a main line and set different options in a menu.

Audio-Visual Event Support

Provide technology support for events such as conferences, forums, and workshops including audio-visual, sound amplification, computer and video projection, video or audio recording, telephone conferencing, and videoconferencing.


Campus Track

Campus Track is used for student check-in, inventory, and tracking.

Classroom Equipment Checkout

Devices available to borrow as Equipment Checkout.

Classroom Issue

Report issues with classroom and conference room technology to ITS for troubleshooting, repair, and resolution including the instructor station, projector, and audio-visual equipment.

Classroom Software Request

Before faculty leave for the summer, please take a moment to make sure that the software you need is installed on the appropriate classroom, lab computers, and/or remotely accessible. We will be doing a refresh of our software this summer, as we do every year.

Combined Course & Early Access request

Request combined classes and early access

Computer Labs and Hours

Normandale Community College provides student computers and printers around campus. The majority of the computers are located in the two computer labs.

Computer Move

Moving offices? Let us know.

Connect to Wireless - Guests

Normandale provides WiFi access to all guests.

Connect to Wireless - Students and Employees

WiFi access to the internet is provided to the personal devices of all students, faculty, and staff.

Consultation and Design

Create a new Intranet site

Request a new intranet site for your department, project, or workgroup.


D2L Brightspace

Welcome to D2L Brightspace, the online course management system used by Normandale Community College and all other Minnesota State schools. To login to your course(s), use the D2L link in the header of the homepage.

Data Mart

The Data Mart is a centralized store of data to allow for easier access, consistent security controls and practices, and the ability to report on a wide array of data.

Data Services

Normandale ITS provides various data services to the campus.

Digital Signage Content

Digital signage consists of the displays of digital media around campus. Departments and offices can request to add content to the displays on campus.

Digital Signage Support

Digital signage consists of the displays of digital media. Signage includes general signage, door signage, and signage for specific areas.

Duplicate Resolution

Have multiple StarIDs and records? They need to be merged to ensure that all your information is in one record.


Employee Email

The Employee Email service provides each user a mailbox, calendar, access to the college address book, and spam filtering.

Employee Intranet/Site Issue

Technology-enhanced communication, coordination, and collaboration services that facilitate the creation, sharing, and exchange of information and ideas within communities of interest.


Faculty and Staff Training (FAST)

ITS strives to provide training services for faculty and staff to ensure that they have the technical knowledge and skills needed to be successful in the classroom.


Cloud Faxing and traditional fax lines allow users to send and receive faxes.


General Technology Help

Have a question about technology on campus? This is a good place to start.


Hardware Issue

ITS can troubleshoot and repair hardware components or peripherals on campus-owned client devices.

Hardware Request or Upgrade

Request the installation/setup of existing hardware/equipment, request a new computer, request a laptop (instead of a desktop), or request computer peripherals.

Home Drive

Each user is provided with a Home drive to store files.


ImageNow / Perceptive Content

Using ImageNow / Perceptive Content, the document imaging solution provides management support for electronic content, such as documents, files, and photos. ImageNow / Perceptive Content also allows automated workflows to increase efficiency and productivity.

Intranet Site Update

Update an Intranet Site

IP Desk Phones and Soft Phones

Desk phones are an extension of voice calling and can be provided for a more traditional way of calling.


Laptop Allocation and Request

Normandale provides laptops to College faculty and staff based on needs and available funds.

LinkedIn Learning

As a Normandale Community College student, faculty, or staff, you get free access to LinkedIn Learning - a combination of dynamic, online instructional content, videos and tutorials on the latest technology, software, business skills, creative talents, and personal hobbies.

Local Administrator Access Request

Login Assistance

ITS can provide assistance to faculty, staff and students who need help setting up their accounts or resolving a login problem.


MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)


Network Requests

Wired Access is provided for all Normandale managed devices, including instructor stations, classroom computers, student computers, and faculty and staff workstations.


Office 365 Apps

Office applications are available for use in the cloud or installing on personal devices. This includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. All current students, faculty, and staff have access to Office Apps

Office 365 SharePoint and Teams Sites

SharePoint is a service that supports college communication, workflows, collaboration, and development management


OneDrive provides cloud storage of 1TB for each user. OneDrive can be used to store and share files. All current students, faculty, and staff have access to OneDrive.

Other Application Accounts

Need access to a system not using StarID? Contact us here.


Patching and Updates

ITS patches and upgrades all operating systems and software according to a schedule and their release dates.


Power BI

Power BI is a business analytics service by Microsoft. It aims to provide interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities with an interface simple enough for end users to create their own reports and dashboards.

Printing, Copying, and Scanning

Normandale print services allow students, faculty, and staff to print, copy, and scan.


Remote Access (PulseSecure)

Access your Normandale files and mapped drives. Connect to the Remote Access server.

Request a Consultation

IT Consultative Services provide guidance and insight on new ideas and technologies.

Request a Workflow

Request a workflow to automate a process or approvals needed.


Server and Storage Requests

ITS provides server setup and storage for a variety of systems around campus.

Shared Drive

Shared drive space is available for each department.

SMART Database

Smart dashboards allow users to interact with data.

Software Issue

Information Technology Services can provide assistance to faculty, staff and students with configuration or troubleshooting of supported applications on campus-owned client devices.

Software Request

Faculty and staff can request software to be installed on their device, in a classroom, or in a computer lab. Many commonly requested software titles are available to install via self-service on faculty and staff devices only. All classroom and lab installations will be handled by ITS.

Staff/Faculty Notification

New faculty or staff accounts and changes are delivered through a notification.

StarID Support

The StarID is a username that replaces many login IDs with one ID, one password, everywhere.

Student Announcement Portal

Changes / Updates made to the Student Announcement Portal.

Student Email

The Student Email service provides each user a mailbox, calender, and an email address in Office 365.

Student Worker Account Notification

Student workers can obtain a student worker (employee) account.


TeamDynamix (TDX) Updates

Updates made to the TeamDynamix (TDX) project management and ticketing system.


Microsoft Teams is used to communicate and collaborate with students, faculty, and staff. Features of Teams include the chat-based communications, Teams' integration with other Microsoft services allows users access to shared files and calendars, collaborative editing, and easy switching between voice, video, and text chat.


Video and Audio Recording and Production

ITS provides Video and Audio recording services on campus.

Voice and Video Calling

The telephony service allows users to make phone calls internally and externally.


Normandale Faculty and Staff receive voicemails transcribed in their email and can also call the voicemail number to retrieve voicemails.

VPN on your Normandale device

Remote Access through AOVPN from Normandale-owned laptops


Zoom web conferencing

All active Minnesota State employees (faculty and staff) and students are able to access the service by logging in with their Star ID.